Tips for SEO

I wanted to put a quick tutorial together on ways that might help improve your website ranking on googles search engines.

Apart from the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that I do to any websites that I build, along with me adding a suitable website title and Meta Description of your website, there are also things that you can do to help it rank better.

Note however that it can take up to 3 months for these changes to take effect so the sooner you start the better.

Use keywords or phrases within the text of your pages.

Keywords are words or phrases which customers may type into google on searching for your type of business, e.g. if you were a window cleaner in Rotorua, a customer may type into google “window cleaner rotorua“, “glass cleaner rotorua“, “professional window cleaning“, “window cleaning service” so it would be a good idea to have the words glass, cleaner, clean, professional, window, windows, cleaning, service and rotorua on the pages of your website.

This is because google ranks websites based on their content, so if your website has those keywords on the website, then google will see that your website as relevant and rank it accordingly.

Tip: Put in nearby districts and towns to rank for those keywords too.

See what keywords your competitors are using

You might want to rank well for “window cleaning rotorua” but your competitors websites might be on the first page of google instead. If you type in the phrase you want to rank for, e.g. “window cleaning rotorua” you can click on your competitors website and see what “keywords” or “phrases” they have used on their site.

You can also view the “keywords” they have used behind the scenes. When you are on their homepage:- right click > view web page source.

Nearish to the top of the source code you will see their <meta name=”keywords“> tag, and you can view all the keywords that they have used. Maybe you can pinch a few idea’s for yours and add them to your website.

Building External links

The more external website’s that link back to your website the better. You can register to free online business directories such as the following. (Note they can take between 15-25 minutes to set each one up)

If you haven’t done so already, create a business facebook page. Facebook pages rank well on google, sometimes even better than websites. Here is my tutorial on how to create a facebook page for your business. Make sure you business facebook page links back to your website. Any posts you do, link back to your website.

If you have a friend with a website, maybe do a link share, e.g if you put their link on your website, they can put your link on their website.