How to edit your wordpress page’s

1. Open up a new internet browser window. Go to your website and type /login at the end of the domain name. e.g.

2. Input your username and password and login

3. Once you are signed in you will notice a dashboard menu to the left. Select “Pages”


4. Click on the page you wish to edit.

5. There are two types of editing window. “Visual” and “Text” Make sure that the “Visual” tab is selected. The “Text” window shows you the html code behind the website and it used for more advanced users who are familiar with html and css.


6. Above the editing window you will see a tool bar. If it only shows 1 line of tools, then select the toolbar toggle icon, to reveal them all.


7. Edit the text as you wish. Once you are happy with your changes, press the blue “Update” on the right hand side.


8. If you want to add a heading, type it out, highlight it by dragging the mouse over it, and select a heading option from the drop down menu. If you want to find out what a previous heading size is, just highlight it with your mouse and watch the Heading menu change.


9. To view your changes, press the blue “Update” again. Now head up to the home icon in the top left hand corner to reveal your website. To go back to the dashboard again. Click the dashboard icon in the same place.


You will notice that when you view your website an admin bar appears across the top of the page. This will not show to other viewers. It is there because you are signed in.

10. To sign out, select the person icon in the top right hand corner, and press “Log out”

How to restore a previous page edit

11. In the event that you make a change, but aren’t happy with it. You can go back to a previous version. Select Edit Page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a box called Revisions. Select the date you wish to restore to.

This will show you a comparison of the existing revision and your latest revision. Select the previous revision, or drag the slider to an earlier version. Then press the blue “Restore This Revision”.