Creating a business facebook page

1. Sign up to facebook at

2. Once you are logged in, click the Download facing arrow, in the top right hand corner of the screen, then click on Create Page.


3. Choose the type of page you would like. For this example I will choose Local Business or Place. If you don’t have an exact address or a store that customers can visit, you can choose one of the other options. You might be advertising a service or a product instead.


4. Fill in some data about your new business page.


5. Add a description, Website address, and a suitable username for your facebook page. If the name is already taken, try again, maybe even adding nz on the end. Choose something sensible for the name as this will be the hyperlink name of your facebook page.

6. Now add your profile photo, which is normally your company logo or symbol. A square proportional image works best here, e.g. the height is the same as the width.


7. Feel free to add it your your favourites as suggested by facebook.

8. Fill in the details about your page audience, their location and interest.

9. Now your page is created you can see that it is starting to taking shape. You can add in extra information on the page such as stores hours, price range. You can also review and update your business details. To do this click on About on the left hand side, then the blue “Edit Page Info, on the right.”


10. Next we want to add a cover photo. To do this Click on the black “Add a Cover” button, bottom right of the banner. You have two options here. 1. Choose from existing photo’s, which you probably don’t have any at this stage, or 2. Upload a file from your computer. Choose a suitable photo that represents your business well. Drag and reposition if needed, then Save.


11. Now you can start adding posts to you wall. Maybe some photo’s of your new store, product or service that you are offering. To make your first post, make sure “home” is selected on the left hand side of your business page, then write something in the box at the top. Add some photo’s if you want, then press publish.