Changing the top slider

It might be likely that your home page, or another page on your website has a scrolling slider/banner.

In the event that you would like to change this yourself follow the instructions below.

Notes: New slides should be cropped at 960px Wide by 350px High if possible. If you have a full width banner (one that expands to full width of the page) you can ignore the sizing above.

    1. In the left hand tool bar select Revolution slider
    2. Choose the slide you wish to edit, and click the blue “edit slides”
    3. Your slides will come up, there maybe one slide, or many slides
    4. You can drag them around and change their order, you can delete a slider or add a new slide.
    5. To add a new slide click the blue “New Slide” button at the bottom.

  1. Select the image you wish to upload
  2. Click insert and your new slide will appear
  3. You can drag its order around if needed
  4. We need to select its transition animation now so go to the green “Slider Settings” at the bottom
  5. On the right hand side towards the bottom select “Global Overwrites”. In the Reset Transitions box it should say “Fade” if it doesn’t select Fade.
  6. Press the blue “Execute settings on all slides” button, press ok, when you get the pop up box.
  7. Now your new slide will be added to the page.

Note: If you are unsure on what banner the page is using:

  1. go to pages in the left hand tool bar
  2. click on the page which has the banner on
  3. scroll down to Page settings, and next Revolution Slider, it will show the banner name. This is the banner you need to edit.